Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday 04-23-2010: Insanity Day 12 : Cardio Power and Resistance x2

I seem to be getting into the habit of doing the workouts twice, but in the spirit of intervals, I think this is a good thing. Also, my time spent "in the zone" is relatively low on a per workout basis.. probably because I work cardio so much.

I'm sure the twice a day thing will stop next week when my calf has healed enough to go back to jiu jitsu. P90x, BJJ and ONE insanity session ought to be enough, even for me.

A.M.  (this one turned out to be hard)
Duration: 40:00
Avg Heartrate: 137
High Heartrate: 169
Calories: 336
Time in zone: 08:39 
Time below zone: 11:10
Time above zone: 19:15

Duration: 40:00
Avg Heartrate:132
High Heartrate:154
Calories: 305
Time in zone: 20:51 
Time below zone: 08:55
Time above zone:  06:35

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