Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday 05-03-2010 : Insanity Day 22 : Pure Cardio (Travel Day to San Jose)

Yeah today was rough. I was awoken by the Carmel Limo guy calling me at 5:10am to remind me about my 5:15am pickup. Good times! Excellent that I'm a night before packer and preparer.

So, I dashed out and didnt get to do my workout til 6pm PT.

Duration: 38:00
Avg Heartrate: 127
High Heartrate: 165
Calories:280 (WTF)
Time in zone: 13:12 
Time below zone: 15:45
Time above zone: 09:03

Weird workout. It FELT hard but these numbers arent really portraying that.

In other news my abs are KILLING me from Ab Ripper X yesterday. Excellent! I gotta do it at least 2x/week though for maintenance.

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