Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday 05-09-2010 : Interval Cardio Twice

I'm starting to think that in some ways my smashed toe was a seriously good thing. I'm loving the Insanity workout but its a good thing to mix up the cardio.

When I get back on the Insanity (maybe Wednesaday, making it a full week off to let the toe heal) I'm only going to do the daily Insanity routine ONCE, and then do interval cardio for 30 or 45 minutes as my second cardio workout (and BJJ and weights too)

Funny note.. when I got off the elliptical today and limped back to my apartment I got some seriously weird looks. I went from pushing up to 162 BPM and 14 mph on the elliptical to limping like an 80 year old. Apparently that's weird.

Duration: 30:00
Distance: 4.09 Miles
Avg Heartrate:136
High Heartrate:162
Calories: 255
Time in zone: 16:03 
Time below zone: 06:22
Time above zone: 07:35

Duration: 30:00
Distance: 3.3 Miles
Avg Heartrate:135
High Heartrate:157
Calories: 248
Time in zone: 22:15 
Time below zone: 05:20
Time above zone: 02:25

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