Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday 06-01-2010: Insanity Fit Test 3 + Max Interval Circuit (Day 36)

Well I lost some ground being off for 4 weeks as the fit test shows, and holy heck was the Max Interval Circuit challenging.

MoveFit Test 1Fit Test 2Fit Test 3Fit Test 4Fit Test 5
Switch Kicks109130112
Power Jacks525455
Power KneesL:101 R:101L:113 R:111L:104 R:106
Power Jumps303932
Globe Jumps711.759
Suicide Jumps152017
Push Up Jacks333633
Low Plank Oblique516558

Max Interval Circuit
Duration: 60:00
Avg Heartrate: 136
High Heartrate: 167
Calories: 516
Time in zone: 29:57
Time below zone: 11:51
Time above zone: 17:45

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