Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday 06-14-2010: P90X Chest and Back, Ab Ripper X, Insanity Fit Test 4, Insanity Max Cardio Circuit... and BJJ. Seriously.

Hell of a workout day! RAWRRRRR.I got a much better cardio workout with many more calories burned since I did the fit test first.. by the time I did my actual workout warmup I was starting at 120bpm instead of my normal resting hr (~65 bpm)

Also, I'm psyched that I kicked ass on the fit test. On fit test 3 I had a LOT of trouble because it was essentially my first day back after a 4 week layoff due to the broken toe.

Duration: 58:00
Avg Heartrate: 141 
High Heartrate: 165
Calories: 530
Time in zone: 24:09  
Time below zone: 09:03
Time above zone:  24:45

MoveFit Test 1Fit Test 2Fit Test 3Fit Test 4Fit Test 5
Switch Kicks109130112146
Power Jacks52545557
Power KneesL:101 R:101L:113 R:111L:104 R:106L:121 R:112
Power Jumps30393250
Globe Jumps711.75911.5
Suicide Jumps15201720
Push Up Jacks33363340
Low Plank Oblique51655870

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